Flowable Fills

Flowable fills

Flowable Fills

Is an amazing alternative to granular fill; however it cannot be used for structural purposes. It is used in road bases, back filling and other non-structural purposes. It automatically flows into place which makes it perfect for inaccessible areas especially areas around and under the pipes. Many people who aren’t well informed tend to think of flowable fill as an alternative to concrete which is absolutely false. It should never be considered as an alternative to concrete as it is much weaker than concrete.

Materials used in Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill is usually made up of concrete, aggregate, sand and polymers. Other materials can also be used to make flowable fill. The Flowable Fill can be pumped directly into any cavity at a construction site to fill in gaps or cracks. This is why a mixture truck is used to carry and transport flowable fill so that it keeps its liquid state until it’s time to use it at the construction site.

why is flowable fill so popular in the construction industry?

Flowable fill has been used in the construction industry for a very long time now. It offers a lot of amazing benefits for the constructions industry, for the property owner and for the environment.

it is cost effective?

There are different types of flowable fill materials out there which means that you can find flowable fills at a range of different prices. Not only is flowable fill cheaper than many other backfilling materials out there it also helps to reduce the overall cost of the process. It dries quickly, it’s easy to excavate and it levels itself naturally. These qualities make it a cost effective option. It also reduces labor cost because flowable fill automatically levels and the polymers in Flowable Fill reduce shrinkage, which means there is less need for workers in the field and at the site.

it fills faster than traditional material

One of the most important features of flowable fill is that it automatically flows into place which is why the process takes relatively less time as compared to traditional filling material. Flowable Fill is faster than traditional methods as no formwork needs to be created on site and any imperfections in the surface are covered without a problem.

it is environmentally friendly

The main advantage Flowable Fill has over traditional methods is that it’s environmentally friendly. Flowable Fill reduces waste because it means less concrete has to be used. The polymers in Flowable Fill are designed to be recycled and reused, meaning the construction industry can continue building without harming our environment! Flowable fill does not create any harmful emissions into air or water while being pumped into formwork as concrete does when it sets.

how flowable fill works:

Flowable fill forms a consistent mass that can be pumped into any type of formwork on site without need for extra reinforcement! The construction industry has been using this technology since the 1990s in Europe, however with time, construction companies all over the world have started to use flowable fill. If you would like a quote or more information for flowable fill please call 915-852-4468.